THE GREEN PARTY Prime8 firmly believes that the environment should not be political. We do however realise the necessity to embrace pressures of the modern world and as such look to promote our ethos through all political spheres. We have so far engaged with two of the leading political parties and are delighted that The Green Party were the first to be supportive of our efforts. Natalie Bennett, the former Green Party Leader, is the voice of Paula Parrot Fish in The Primasia Experience. The Green Party has big, bold ideas to create a confident and caring Britain that we can all be proud of. They aren’t afraid to hope for a better future or to be honest about how we get there. They believe in being brave, in speaking their minds, and in standing up for what matters. The Greens are proud to do politics differently. Imagine a government that trusts in our common humanity and our capacity to govern ourselves. Imagine a government that believes that the best way forward is by working with each other, rather than against each other. Imagine a government that prioritises the rights of citizens and the environment over those of corporations. Imagine a government that gives everyone a chance and leaves nobody behind in a confident and caring Britain. That’s the kind of government The Greens would work for.