UK spends £1bn a year on litter collection! By Prime8 30 January 2018 2016 figures showed that the UK spends £1bn each year on the collection of 30,000 tonnes of litter! The introduction of a 5p plastic bag taxation in the Autumn of 2015 was a positive move but are we really doing enough to reduce packaging, or at least reduce its environmental impact? In the image above, all litter items shown were found within 100 metres of that very bin! In Prime8’s adventure game called Primasia ‘The Prologue’ that was released during 2017, we asked the children a simple question. That question relates to the variety of litter that they see most commonly near where they live. We chose what we consider to be the three most prominent offenders. What do you think? In your opinion, what do you consider to be the main cause of litter where you live? ¨ Fast food packaging ¨ Cigarette butts ¨ Crisp packets